Sadly, when people look at people-people see what they wish to see. Some people see race, some people see class, some people see gender, and others see sexuality. At first glance we are all shoved into boxes that we either don’t want to belong to or we might not have known we belonged in. We too are guilty of putting people into these boxes-gender, class, race, sexuality, and anticipating the stereotypes that the boxes come with to be played out.

But lets imagine for one day that we looked beyond what we see. Let’s for one day imagine that people meet people, and see beyond the associated stereotypes that come with the boxes-and people are allowed to see and be MORE than everything that people see.

Imagine a world that sees MORE of what makes us the same, and less of what makes us different. A space that allows for MORE diversity and less intolerance. A political space that allows for MORE viewpoints, and opinions and less double-standards and politricks.

We are MORE than what we seem. MORE than what we think we are. MORE than we ever believed we could be.

What are YOU MORE than?




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