Guess what heterosexuals-you’re next.

While some heterosexual people sit on their moral high horse and imagine that the Anti-Homosexuality and the Anti-Pornography Bills do not affect them, the truth is that, if the Ugandan government is given the power to make such decisions, then who knows who’s next on the chopping block. Read on.



So, after much hoping, praying, lobbying and fighting-the Anti-Homosexuality Bill was signed (with audience) by Yoweri Museveni. It has to become gazetted before it becomes law, but we all know that this counts for nothing, because people already have their knives out and ready to attack any person that appears different. And that’s really what is going to happen here-being different in Uganda has become illegal-with the advent of both the Anti-Pornography and the Anti-Homosexuality Bills. There is so much that has been said ad nauseum about the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, but there’s also what has not been said. Which maybe should have been said first, when this morality circus began, but since were here now- let’s just take it from here.

What we don’t know, or what we refuse to see, is that despite the naming-the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is not an attack on homosexuals in Uganda, it is an attack…

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