Watch the SOGI Resolution Vote LIVE!

Geneva_United_Nations_Meeting_roomToday is an important day for sexual orientation and gender identity and expression work at the United Nations Human Rights Council [UNHRC].

This afternoon, states vote for or against the follow up resolution [A/HRC/27/L27] on Human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity. It has been a long process of lobbying states to keep the resolution as it was tabled-without removing SOGI language in favour of more ‘universal’ human rights language. But also to support this follow up resolution by voting YES. We have especially put pressure on the South African government to show leadership, like they did in 2011 when they led in tabling the first ever resolution on SOGI Resolution 17/19.

CAL, with the strong support and commitment from other South African civil society organisations, circulated a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Maite-which since Tuesday has received 96 signature which is very encouraging and impressive given the time we had.

CAL is inviting all members, friends and partners to join us today-whether physically (for those in Johannesburg) or online to watch the voting.

The vote is likely to take place at 2.45PM [14h45], but we will begin watching from 1.00PM [13h00].

For those in Johannesburg, the South African Human Rights Commission will be hosting a screening session at their offices. Their offices are located at:
33 Hoofd Street
Braampark Office Park
Forum III Building
4th Floor.
If you need help locating the building please feel free to contact Surprise at 011-403 004/7.

For those of you not in Johannesburg, please join us online by following the link below.

You might need to have REAL PLAYER installed on your computer to watch the live feed of the voting. To download REAL PLAYER click on this link and follow the prompts. It’s really easy.

To access the UNHRC Live Feed click on
On the right hand side menu select-27TH SESSION OF THE HRC, Click PLAY.

We look forward to you joining us for this historical vote at the UNHRC. Spread the word.

Solidarity matters.


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