Social Change Initiative: call for Applications

Social Change Fellowships


The Social Change Initiative

The Social Change Initiative is a new organisation committed to improving the effectiveness of activism for social change particularly in divided societies.

SCI Fellowship Programme

The Fellowship Programme aims to nurture human talent to challenge inequality and to promote democracy, social change, reconciliation and human rights.

The Fellowships will:

  • Strengthen professional networks and the development of learning communities
  • Improve ways of working, including sharpening skills for individuals and organisations
  • Improve ability to effect social change
  • Increase the effectiveness of campaigning and advocacy
  • Build networks among activists and across disciplines and geographies
  • Improve policy and practice
  • Improve (or strengthen) leadership capacity and ability to effect change
  • Improve leaders’ resilience and capacity to tackle challenges.

SCI wants to find effective activists and advocates and offer support for their development and to share learning from their experiences. The Fellowships are designed to give opportunities of up to 2 years to reflect on and document practice and to share and exchange ideas, skills and strategies with other campaigners. A SCI Fellowship is a chance for activists to broaden their skills and effectiveness through a period of study, reflection or exchange with other organisations.

SCI is always looking out for good Fellowship candidates whether they are seasoned campaigners who could reflect and document their work or new, emerging activists who could benefit from exposure to the work of others or develop through exchange visits or study.

If you know of someone who you think would benefit from a Fellowship and who could contribute to a movement for growing and developing social change activism please contact Paul Murray for an informal conversation (  SCI is particularly keen to support people from traditionally under-represented groups.

Fellowships will range from 3 months to two years, with most being about 12 months long. The amount of the fellowship award will depend on its length, location and the work proposed but will be sufficient to meet agreed costs including a stipend, travel and accommodation, fees for study and associated costs and publication costs of reports/materials.

Each Fellow will agree with SCI a set of outputs and outcomes to be achieved. It is expected that products or materials that can be published and shared with an external audience will be produced.

All Fellows will become part of the SCI Fellows Network, which will convene to cross-fertilise knowledge and relationships across geographies, disciplines and experience levels.  After their Fellowship all Fellows will join the SCI Fellows Alumni group which will convene from time to time.  Members may be called upon by SCI to undertake dissemination and learning activities.

Fellowship guidance notes final


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