Express Yourself

The truth is that, on a global scale-there isn’t a lot of knowledge or information that is generated by women, LGBTI people and people of colour. Yes, we possess a large amount of this knowledge-but we do not collect and preserve as much of it as we should. Our cyber footprint is tiny, and sadly this is read by the wider world as either we do not have stories to tell or opinions to share. We all know that this is not true-and African LGBTI people of colour have a wealth of experiences, stories and histories that should be shared.

And this is the space that we hope African LGBTI activists, allies, friends, women and gender-diverse people can share their stories and their experiences. Where myths can be set straight and where open, honest and progressive conversations can take place. We also hope that this can be the beginning of collecting conversations, knowledge and information for posterity.

We hope that interested parties embrace this space for expression and respect the manner in which we wish to engage and interact with each other.


We welcome articles, opinion editorials, creative stories, pictures and content of any kind that adds voice and diversity to new or ongoing conversations about the lives and lived realities of LGBTI and gender-diverse people in Africa.

To submit to the CAL Blog:

  • Send anything you wish to share to us at alternatively, you can LIKE us on Facebook or FOLLOW us on Twitter to share.
  • Let us know who you would like to be published as. Anonymous submissions are also welcome.
  • Please send us MS Word documents so that we can edit them. We will not be able to publish PDF documents.
  • Send us any links that you would like us to attach to the article. Also send us the links to any other articles that might have been published elsewhere so that we can link them to the submitted article.

That said-we cannot wait to hear from you!


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